Go home when your time to leave leadership comes,Says Moses Kuria

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The outspoken gatundu South mp Moses Kuria has declared that he will support BBI but not being forced to with odm leader rails odinga
“they are panel beating up to support rails odinga .Am saying yes to BBI but no to Raila Odinga” Kuria said
the mp continued by expressing his dissatisfaction on how odm party is managing BBI rallies adding that it scheme for 2022

“we are not stupid ,we are going to Naivasha now 180 parliamentary group members from jubilee and like minded parties” he said

Kuria said ,with the current political situation in the country them as team tangatanga have setn up their line up for 2022 and they are ready to face kieleweke team


The mp said that the 3-tier system of government is more than nothing but corruption
“it’s bribe they are giving to these governors to support BBI .you hear someone like Rasanga saying where will he go .enda nyumbanirasanga” he added

The leaders allied to deputy president william ruto maintained that they will not be used by system designed to help 24 governors remain in power that they will not accept whatsoever


Kuria added that those whose terms have ended should go home including those who have tried severally and failed. ”when your time to leave leadership comes go home . And this includes those who have tried to get a chance at leadership severally and failed.They should leave leadership to other people like Mitt Romney did” says kuria

They were speaking today at AIC millimani ,nairobi during the installation services for presiding bishop elect Rev. Abraham Mulwa that was also attended by president Uhuru Kenyatta who addressed the occasion before his deputy William Ruto speaks and left with two cabinet secretaries, Magoha and Matiangi

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