Bungoma county residents warned not to feast on the desert locusts

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Bukusu council of elders now claims that the desert Locusts that are currently invading several parts of the country are a sign of bad omen and president Uhuru should call for a national prayer day. The elders added that the locust have juts appeared after we had very long rains that brought destruction and may be a sign of an approaching drought.


Bonface Wanyonyi bukusu council of elders chairman believes that the special prayers will help protect the younger generation in future. Adding that in 1934 ,1935,1936 there were locust in the country and was followed a by a very severe drought.

He said that elders would come together in the villages where the locust had infested and would pray together and offer special sacrifice to cleanse the community and ensure they do not destroy crops.

At the sametime the county government of bungoma has warned the residents against feasting on the desert locust adding that they are not good for human consumption

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