Vera sidika dumped by her Tanzanian lover while on her trip to new Jersey

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With the steps that was taken by lady Vee’s tanzanian fiance, reaveals that love has gone sour. The tanzanian lover deleted all Vera’s photos including those they took together on instagram calling it fake and boring love
The tanzanian doctor, Jimmy Chansa fell in love with the kenyan socialite a year immediately after she parted ways with kenyan based mombasa RNB singer otille brown


jimmy took that bold step saying that he doesn’t know his position in that relationship

just as any other serious man it seems, Jimmy the man wanted achild with sidika and this is where the problem started. Around two months ago the socialite took to her instagram posted her picture with a caption

When your body banging & ya man wanna make you a Mother 😩😭

just as they did together with tile brown vera and her ex- tanzanian lover have been travelling all corners of the world

Because it is not something new with her…soon she will avail a new love of her life

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