8 Tested positive bringing Total Number to 15 as the government issues new directive

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Mutahi Kagwe

  • 8 new confirmed cases. Total now at 15. Out of the 8, 5 are Kenyans, 3 foreigners (French and Mexican). All 8 are imported cases. Ages btn 20 and 57
  • All 8 came thru JKIA btn 4th and 17th March. Tracing ongoing for 363 persons
  • Number of infected increases dramatically in the second week following discovery of the first patient. Next two weeks remain critical
  • Hygiene and social distance remain the most effective means
  • We have noticed that the majority of our people have continued to ignore our measures and are behaving as if it is business as usual. Kenyans must treat this with the seriousness it deserves by
  • We continue to behave normally, the disease will treat us abnormally
    New measures:
  • All international flights suspended from Wed 25/3 at midnight, except cargo flights
  • All coming in will undergo mandatory quarantine
  • Countries wishing to evacuate their nationals must make arrangements
  • Kenyans who will not have come back must observe guidelines
  • All persons who violate self-quarantine will be forcefully quarantined for 14 days, and thereafter arrested. The senior government official is subject to this
  • Students travelling from the UK, US and other countries to observe this strictly
  • Effective midnight tonight, all bars to be closed until further notice. Restaurants only for take-away services
  • All PSVs must adhere to Friday’s directives, otherwise the sacco licences revoked
  • Suspension of all church, mosques, other services such as funerals restricted to immediate family members. Some churches have decided because of tithe and other contributions, they continue as usual
  • It is irresponsible for the government to allow this kind of behaviour to continue. It is suicide
  • We know that there are inconveniences, but they are necessary to keep Kenyans safe
  • Long after coronavirus, we will still have weddings, and other events
  • In the coming week, you will be observing enforcement measures the government will have to take
  • Even gatherings in the street that are unnecessary will not be allowed
  • Stay home

Karanja Kibicho

  • To national government administration officers
  • We have seen total reluctance because it has been like asking people to comply
  • If you are found with an open church or mosque or any other place of worship, there will be disciplinary measures
  • Ensure that the directive on bars is complied with
  • Funerals to be attended by immediate family members
  • No weddings, birthday parties, merry go rounds, disco matangas or any other social gatherings

Inspector General of Police

  • Starting midnight, enforce the closure of bars
  • Enforcing the matatu regulations
  • Ensure that self-quarantne is enforced

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