Know why your Woman Cheats on you

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An indepth investigation by the reporter kenya reveals that twenty percent of women in marital commitment cheats on their partners. This estimate, however, is misconstrued due to the muddle and confusion on assumptions as to whether acts like flirting on social media or mere toying with a colleague at work constitutes as so.
It’s very hard to tell whether a woman is cheating. Due to their capability to multi-task, they can play games very well without getting caught, unlike the opposite species.
Typically, females wander out on a relationship for various reasons as:


Reacting to sexual abuse.

Women who have experienced sexual abuse prior may cheat as a way of escaping to deal with the actual nightmare.

the societal notion of men cheating has driven a lot of women to follow that road irrespective of whether their partner is doing it or not.

A single change in a man’s behavior leads to this kind of thinking especially if there lacks proper communication.

Not getting enough satisfaction at home.

Like men, women too enjoy good sex. If she isn’t fulfilled, she might experience discontent that will lead her to hunt for that satisfaction she craves. It’s one thing to assume you are satisfying your woman, it’s another to be doing it. Gauge her reaction. If you are keen enough, you can tell. Alternatively, talk about the experience. Ask how she feels when you do a certain thing.


Perhaps you travel a lot, work away from home or you’re just so caught up while at home your presence is scarcely felt. That emotional unavailability will likely create a void that might drive her to pursue satisfaction elsewhere.

Feeling unappreciated or ignored.

When at home, do you spend time together or are you one of those phone freaks? Naturally, women are conversationalists which means they enjoy verbal communication as it births an emotional attraction. They will get drawn to someone who avails this air.


Women want affection.

Women want to feel their love is reciprocated. Every once in awhile, they want to feel as they did during courtship. They want to have fun together, chatting, laughing, doing things together basically. 

If you notice any slight change of behavior in your relationship, do not ignore it. For a relationship to succeed, both parties need to invest their time in it. Proper communication is also very imperative. Remember, it takes two to tango.


She attempted different things or positions with you but then you are the old fashioned kind accustomed to one automated style. She’s tried communicating this with you but still, you are not that guy. Someone else might be that guy.

Seeking vengeance.

Forgiving and forgetting are two different things. If you’ve ever cheated and got caught before, 80% chances she will cheat on you too or do something that will hurt you.

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