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The coffee dates became regular and the movie nights became a ritual. One thing led to the other and kaboom! Love had bred and cupid had pronounced us as Gilgil’s newest couple. In all honesty, I loved Cathy. I thought about her most of the time. I fantasized about marriage. Kids. A happy home.

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“Known to many  as cathy mresh

I was set to wed her in four days time, though not as her first husband. She had been married before. I hear the marriage had lasted three years. She had divorced? No. She was widowed? No.

The ex-husband had disappeared mysteriously. People say he was a very successful medical doctor. In Nanyuki where they had lived, he was famed for his successes in general surgery and his advocacy for community health based practices. Those who had known him say he was an easy guy; though with a drinking problem. One day, he disappeared mysteriously. Nobody knew where he’d gone to.

An intensive search for him had ensued. Mortuaries, forests newspaper alerts. Nothing.
Cathy (now my fiancé) had been devastated. She loved him. To her, their marriage was a blissful heaven offered to her here on earth. She was usually proud of him. She had looked forward to spending ‘forever’ with him, and raising a beautiful family together. Something that his sudden disappearance had brought to an end.

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After an year with no success in the search, Cathy had sunk into the lowest levels of depression. She had attempted suicide twice. Only to be left with severe wounds. She had missed him for real. Sadly, she didn’t know whether to mourn, to wait or simply to accept and move on. She had pain in her heart. Real pain.

She had decided to move to Gilgil to pick up her pieces and start over.

That’s where we had met. After two years of anguish, she still looked pretty and graceful. We had met at local restaurant. I was then a human resource assistant at a tech company, so I usually frequented the restaurant during the evenings for coffee given Gilgil’s unpleasant weather patterns. On one particular evening, the restaurant was full to capacity so I had to share a table with this one particular lady who had arrived earlier. Cathy.

We stroke a conversation and talked lightly on the sports, weather and the prevailing hard economic times. She was apt, sufficiently knowledgeable and very open minded. I liked her instantly. After coffee, we exchanged contacts. We made a point of doing coffee the following week. That night as I went to bed, her appearances kept flashing through my mind. I couldn’t catch sleep. The graceful height, the easy smile, the snow white eyes that occasionally locked into mine earlier in the evening. Her voice, calm and provocative. Her neck hanging delicately above her torso…. There’s just no way I was going to sleep. Socrates was in love!

The coffee dates became regular and the movie nights became a ritual. One thing led to the other and kaboom! Love had bred and cupid had pronounced us as Gilgil’s newest couple. In all honesty, I loved Cathy. I thought about her most of the time. I fantasized about marriage. Kids. A happy home.

She had asked me to give her more time. She told me the feelings were mutual. But she needed to position herself well career wise and such. I didn’t want to waste time, I wanted to marry her as soon as the following morning. I was insecure perhaps. Or simply young at love. I don’t know. Occasionally she had mentioned her ex husband. Something about him going abroad and settling with a White lady there. A BIG LIE. Every time I sort clarity about him, she got very uncomfortable. Sometimes I could see tears linger on her eyes upon the mention of him. Did she still love him? Hadn’t she moved on? Three full years and she was still in pain? I was confused.

On the seventh month of the forth year of our relationship, she suddenly said she was ready. She wanted to walk into matrimony with me. Her dream had been a simple yet classy church wedding. You can imagine how I was overjoyed. Patience pays I tell you! I wasn’t going to waste any more time. I called home and announced to my parents that behold! Their first son’s bride was well on the way for formal introductions. With my little savings, I managed a gold laced wedding ring, her fantasy wedding gown and purchases enough to help us start off a simple yet modest happy home. My accounts were totally drained. Brokeness was looming. But who cared? Cathy was going to be my wife and the mother to my children!

All arrangements played out well. She was excited too. Or so she seemed. I was the proverbial man of the hour. Only days away to a grand exit from the bachelor’s club. My parents were happy for me. My loving mother couldn’t stop announcing the upcoming wedding at the market where she sold second hand shoes and safari bags. My father’s mates kept patting my back and throwing random lines into the air ‘welcome to the fraternity of real men son’ Indeed. Him who finds a wife, finds a good thing.

The wedding preparations were done! The day was nigh. Saturday was the day!

I forgot to mention that Cathy was severely diabetic. So sometimes we had to stock her emergency injections in case the pain became overwhelming. On this particular Wednesday ( three days to our big day) she woke up in severe pain. I frantically went from one chemist to the other in search of her drugs. None! All drugs stores in Gilgil had run out of the said injection. I was devastated. My soon to be wife was in pain and the drugs weren’t available in the entire of our small town.

Out of desperation. I called my uncle who worked with the flying doctors AMREF and explained the situation to him. Sadly, he was out of the country but he insisted that I get a car and drive my fiancée to Nairobi where he would book us with a colleague of his at Nairobi women’s hospital. The colleague would then access Cathy and prescribe drugs that would help her all through the big day. I ran to ATM and withdrew the 13,000/- that was left in my account. I called on a friend who owned a taxi car and after fueling the car, off we were to Nairobi from Gilgil.

After a tiring three hours drive, we were at Nairobi women’s hospital, waiting for our turn to see the said colleague to my uncle. The wait was becoming painfully long as my wife to be was not taking it anymore. After what seemed like eternity, the nurse came over to us and said politely that the doctor was ready to see Cathy. With the help of my taxi friend, we held her on both sides, and walked towards the doctors door. We got in and rested her on an armchair that was waiting.

As the doctor turned to face and examine Cathy, their eyes locked and kaboom! She let out one big yell that caught all of us off guard. She held the doctor by the collar of his coat and and as if a hot knife was cutting through her bare skin, she screamed..

‘Eddy!!! Eddy where have you been!’
‘Eddy my love! Why did you leave me?
I looked at the doctor (Eddy)He was in tears too. He was shaking and holding Cathy’s cheeks.
To me, it was like a dream. Only that it was truly happening. I felt the sun set, at NOON!
I walked out of that room. I was weak. I looked for something to lean on. I closed my eyes.. I prayed. But I don’t remember exactly what I told God…

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