Uhuru boast taming the giant Raila politically

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He rarely comments on topical issues like unemployment and corruption with a tough stance as he used to do

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President Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of the first president of the republic of kenya appears to have achieved what many politicians had tried in the history of Kenyan politics. ‘tame’ the professor and father of democracy Raila Amollo Odinga.

Raila commonly know to many as BABA commenced his serious political journey back in the year 1982 with his self-confessed participation in a military coup, that proved costly for some of the coup plotters.

Agwambo back historical records strategised and made the political lives of former Presidents Mwai Kibaki and Daniel Arap Moi unbearable.

Uhuru and Dp Ruto themselves witnessed in their first term what a determined and resolute and kingmaker Raila Amollo can do.

But what worries many is the silence of Odinga  staunch defender of ‘Wanjiku’

He rarely comments on topical issues like unemployment and corruption with a tough stance as he used to do

So what many are questioning is how, just, did Uhuru manage to ‘tame’ Raila.

As a democracy fighter Agwambo could do his best to ensure Kenyans are not mistreated by the sitting government.

Kibaki faced his wrath during the disputed elections of 2007 and later when the two led the Grand Coalition government for five years. The economy of Kenya grew tremendously.

Agwambo was detained by former president the late Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi twice for years, only for him to walk out of jail more determined and focused than ever, and this gained him fame,respect and trust with Kenyans as a freedom fighter.

While being the Prime Minister of the republicof Kenya , in the book of history he once complained publicly about being offered a ‘nusu mkeka’ and dais without a toilet at a public event.

Amazingly after president Kenyatta realised that he will end his term as the fourth president of Kenya without leaving legacy behind  he decide to do away with DP Ruto and offered to share some  his powers with agwambo, who now speaks last in political functions.

In most occasions former premier do represents the president in international engagements, agood exam was in 2019 during  Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

Odinga also receives delegations of senior public servants to ‘brief’ him on policy matters.

Some times he even issue ‘orders’ to public servants as it happened during the accident at the Likoni Ferry.

President Uhuru as away of taming odinga he  ensured that he got African Union High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa chance to engage him full and not to get time to do politics all the time as was the case when he didn’t have a diary.

With just few months to the general elections and the current global pandemic nothing much has been happening politically countrywide and without doubt after all the offers Raila has got from raila it is believed that President Uhuru Kenyatta might not support Raila whom in most occasions he has been referring as his elder brother.

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