How to Claim M-PESA and M-Shwari Funds of Your Deceased Relatives

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Eventually, all of us are going to die, and when that happens, we might need to keep our houses in order.

In this case, many people have died with a lot of cash in their M-PESA accounts. The funds, which can also be in the form of savings in M-Shwari can be claimed by the deceased’s immediate family members.

But there is a process to accessing that money, and Safaricom has a procedure of ensuring that authorized parties have access to these funds.

The carrier requires that the claimant visit any of the company’s many retail centres and provide documents for inspection and approval before the money can be released.

Here are the documents that you must produce if you are pursuing the exercise:

Armed with the above documents, the claimant should follow the following procedure to access the funds of the deceased:

Here is why this exercise is helpful:

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