The hidden story of the only first female pope and Why they don’t want you to know about Her

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One of the largest denominations in the world is the Roman catholic church. Founded in the first century in Judea. The church is believed to have been founded by Jesus christ who later made Paul the leader of the church.

According to the history of the church, apostle Peter became the first pope of the church making it not only one of the largest Christian denominations in the world but also the oldest.

During the Dark ages, this was the only religion in the world and later we find the protestants with revolutionists like Martin Luther King breaking up from the sect and forming the protestants who are Christians but with a slightly different set of doctrines.

The Roman catholic is also considered the oldest religion of the world. In this article we are going to look at one hidden story in the history of the church especially when it comes to the Papal position.

We know from the church traditions, that the head of the church is and must always be the pope and over the 2000 years of the existence of the church, they have had more than 265 popes most of which came from Italy.

As a religion that has existed for more than 20 centuries, there are things that are considered secret and that is something that happens in almost every organization. There are things that are meant to be kept within the organisations and not meant for the public.

From all the official records of the Vatican, there is no indication if there has ever been any female Pope. But other historical records indicate that there was a female Pope whose records were scrapped off from official Roman records.

Several historians have written about this female Pope including Giovanni Boccaccio as one of the most famous women that ever lived.

According to this historical records, Pope Joan disguised herself as a man and that is how she rose to that position. For more than 2 years she hid her gender and to make matters worse, she was elected to that position by Pope John VII.

It was in the year 856 that she was elected and her secret was safe until 858. It was on a day when there was a procession and when she was in the procession, she underwent serious labour pains and they not only discovered that she was a woman but was also pregnant at that time.

This was an unpardonable sin according to the Vatican standards and she was stoned to death on the exact day and hour that the truth was known. She was given a painful death where she was dragged by a horse and later stoned to death.

Her bust had even been included in a collection of other papal busts in the Siena cathedral in Italy but later removed.

Her story has however been hidden and most people have even refused to accept any information about her as true. Some have even said that her story is simply but a myth. What do you think personally?

To find more information about her and the exact life story of Pope Joan, there is a movie acted that gives detailed information of her life. Also historical records by Giovanni Boccaccio have it of information about pope Joan.

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