Meet Owino, The Kenyan Who Invented The Famous Big-G But Died A Poor Man Despite Owning Poshy Cars

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Mr. George Owino alias Sir George was the face behind the famous Big G Chewing gun that was famous in the country in the 1980’s thanks to its sweet and fresh aroma and tender texture. 

Mr. Owino was the brain behind the product that took the country by storm before conquering the east Africa region with its sweet taste. Sir George was the first Kenyan to be employed by giant American company Wrigleys.

George was tasked with marketing the company’s Chewing gum products Orbit, Doublemint, and Juicy Fruit. 

His dedication and hard work saw him rise through the ranks to become the company’s Chairman in the country.

After years of selling the company’s initial products, George introduced the idea of bigger Chewing gum that could last longer than the small pallets of PK or Doublemint.

The company liked the idea and came up with Big G Chewing gums.

The product immediately became a market hit both in Kenya and the neighboring countries. 

His success at the company made him a local celebrity with even president Moi setting aside some time to meet the brilliant brain behind one of Kenya’s biggest Chewing gum products. 

Owino reportedly owned a fleet of Poshy cars which he called his animals.

He also had a Poshy home in Lavington and two bungalows in his Jera village in ugenya. 

He was forced to retire in 1998 after he was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Due to poverty and illness, he was forced to sell all of the cars and together with the house in Lavington. 

His Jera In restaurant has since been closed with the building now in a dilapidated state.

His family remains hopeful that one day they will be able to reopen the restaurant that was once the pride of Ugenya

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